Everyone wants to be a thought leader these days.

But what does being a thought leader actually do for you?

While it’s become an overused buzzword, the benefits of becoming a thought leader have never been more important than they are today.

Here are the top 5 benefits your company stands to gain if you focus your efforts on establishing your thought leadership.

#1: Trust and Credibility. People buy from those they trust, investors invest in those they trust, and people join companies they trust.

The more you establish yourself as a thought leader, the more third-party credibility you create and the more social proof you have.

#2: The Media Comes to You. Journalists are always looking for sources to quote in their stories, and they often turn to those in the industry who are viewed as thought leaders to be their expert source.

A big part of our thought leadership process focuses on what we call “resource PR.” This means we position you as an expert source with journalists and editors in your industry.

Over time, as these relationships develop and you prove to be a reliable and quality source, more and more media will start coming to you.

#3: When You Have News, It Will Matter. As your thought leadership grows, your announcements will matter more. The media wants to cover what the big players are doing because they know they are the ones who have influence.

The media, for the most part, wants to cover the companies that are known and established. New companies’ expectations are often too high when it comes to their news announcements.

#4: Empowering the Customer Journey. The thought leadership media coverage and content you create can be fully implemented into your customer journey. By understanding what your customers are going through at each stage of your funnel, you can leverage your third party credibility-backed content to move them to the next stage faster.

#5: Inbound — From All Areas. As your authority grows, the more top-of-mind you’ll become — and over time, the more inbound opportunities you’ll see. Inbound sales, inbound partnerships, inbound investors, and inbound partnerships — overtime, you can expect all of these areas to benefit from your thought leadership.

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