Who is

Front Lines Media?

We’ve been on the front lines of disruptive tech since 2013, when we launched Falcon Global Capital, a blockchain-focused investment fund and advisory firm.

As we prepared to launch, we hired a highly rated tech PR firm to help us establish trust and credibility. But after paying $20,000, we had little to show for it.

Realizing that media coverage was critical to our success — and feeling the pressure — we started doing it on our own.

But instead of blasting out press releases about ourselves and waiting for news like our PR firm did, we approached it a different way.

We realized you can’t wait for the news. You need to create it.

So we did what anyone else would do in this situation. We wrote a letter to the FBI.

Then we told the media all about it.

Our open letter to the FBI offering to buy all their seized Bitcoins was the story — not us. Over the next nine months, we continued to execute on this strategy and position ourselves as industry educators. If the media had questions, we had answers. If a journalist was writing about Bitcoin, we were there to educate them and be their resource.

This led to us being featured in hundreds of outlets, including Bloomberg, Fox News, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal. We were in the trenches when the industry crashed in 2014 — defending and advocating for the technology across the world. In this Fox News clip, we described what we were doing as war. And we really meant it.

In 2014, we faced the tough reality that the business model behind Falcon Global Capital was not going to work. So we closed that part of the business and focused our efforts on consulting and advising.

And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

For blockchain, AI, big data, and everything in between our mission is to accelerate the adoption of technologies and ideas in industries that are ripe for disruption.

Through our own platforms, we continue to drive this mission forward. We’ve also taken the skills we’ve developed for ourselves — creating stories, educating, and positioning — and offer these skills as a service-for-hire.

We are mercenaries ready to go to battle for ideas we believe in, teams we believe in, and problems we want to see solved. We are excited about the future but we’re tired of waiting for it. We want the future now. And we’ll fight to make that happen.

Core values

  • EXECUTORS When we say something will be done, it gets done. No matter what.
  • MACHINE Everything we do follows a documented process that’s constantly improved and optimized.
  • LEVEL UP In all areas, personally and professionally, we constantly push ourselves to reach the next level.
  • VALUEWe are obsessed with adding as much value as possible to every interaction.
  • MATH-MEN/WOMENWe don’t operate on our gut. Data guides all our discussions.

Life at Front Lines Media

We are a distributed team of entrepreneurs, media strategists, market researchers, and journalists with a passion for creating and distributing content that educates, inspires, and informs.

Our core team is based in San Diego, but the majority of our team is spread out across the world. We are a virtual company and believe remote companies are the future. There is no reason to confine team members to four walls and there is no reason to limit a talent pool to one location. By being remote, we offer team members the freedom and flexibility they deserve and allow ourselves to focus on hiring the best that’s out there, not just the best in one city.

We encourage team members to travel on their own. And because of our large international client base, we often end up traveling together. Client trips have taken us to places like Iceland, China, Vietnam, and Germany.

To foster our connected and distributed culture, we go on company retreats once a quarter and one big trip every year. For these trips, we pick a destination, rent a large house, fly in the remote team, and work together to review the past quarter and plan the upcoming one. These trips have taken us to Hawaii, Peru, Mexico, Big Bear, and Seattle.

Being successful in a dynamic remote company isn’t for everyone. And not everyone is ready to work on the front lines of disruptive tech innovation. But if you think you’re a fit, check the open positions available below.

Open Positions

  • SDR

  • Identify and connect with potential partners.

  • Data Journalist

  • Collect and analyze data to create stories.

  • Marketing Director

  • Oversee all aspects of the FLM marketing strategy.

  • SEO Specialist

  • Create data-driven SEO strategies for clients and FLM.

  • Graphic Designer

  • Create impactful visuals for clients and FLM.

  • Sr. Account Strategist

  • Develop, plan, and execute client strategies.


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