In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Achuthanand Ravi, CEO of Kula, a global-facing tech-forward recruitment automation platform helping recruiters across a whole range of industries manage their workflows more efficiently. Finding himself in the recruitment space almost by accident, Achuthanand has worked his way through a whole range of tech companies, giving him insights into the challenges of recruiting top talent, and how they could be overcome through automation technology.

In little over a year, Kula has transformed from a fresh startup into a global company with interests in India and America, adopting a function-agnostic, region-agnostic and open position promising to revolutionize the rapidly transforming recruitment sector in a post-pandemic, remote working economy.

Topics Discussed:

  • Being successful in India without necessarily becoming an Engineer or Doctor, and how Achuthanand found his way into recruitment
  • How Kula engages with its clients’ main recruitment channels, and how their solutions set them apart from the competition
  • Building a global brand from the bottom up, getting a foot hold across America and India
  • Why technology came so late to the HR sector compared to sales and marketing
  • How the uptick in HRtech promises a dynamic new global workforce
  • Why Kula is the only platform running a recruiter-specific solution, and why they want to make everyone in every organization a recruiter
  • The challenges of spread and scale for contemporary marketing, and why automation is key


Favorite book: 

Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs

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