In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Andrew Scheuermann, CEO of Arch Systems, a machine data and analytics company that’s raised $25 Million in funding, about the struggles people all over the world face with accessing the tools and resources necessary to build truly smart solutions. Powered by rich machine data, the Arch Systems FX Platform has been developed to automatically surface actionable insights for manufacturing operations, driving better decisions at every level of an organization, whatever they’re trying to achieve.

We also talk about Andrew’s background in engineering, machine building, and entrepreneurship, what it was like striking out on his own to found and lead a tech startup, what manufacturing optimization really means in practice, and how a late-stage pivot from horizontal developer to vertical analytics helped Arch Systems secure their elusive product-market fit.

Topics Discussed:

  • Andrew’s background in engineering, machine building, and entrepreneurship, and what it means for his current business
  • Making the transition to being a founder and CEO, and the business leaders which inspired his journey
  • What manufacturing optimization and machine data analytics means for those pursuing innovative solutions all over the world
  • Why Arch Systems initially struggled to secure a product-market fit, and the strategic pivot which turned everything around for them
  • The future of where Andrew sees the company, from new materials to expanding into new markets

Favorite book: 

Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

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