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trust and credibility.

We’ve been on the front lines of the blockchain industry since 2014 we are only looking to partner with companies that are truly leveraging blockchain technology and adding value to their customers, investors, and the greater blockchain ecosystem.

You’re busy and so are we so let’s get straight to it. For select companies, we offer a free 1 hour brainstorm call. This isn’t a sales call. It’s a strategy call with four core objectives:

Strategy Call Agenda

  • Brainstorm 5-10 creative content ideas – Based on your objectives we’ll come prepared with data-backed ideas.
  • Audit your current marketing and media strategy – Provide actionable feedback on how you can improve it.
  • Audit your competitors marketing and media strategy – Actionable insights into what they are doing well.
  • Identify the best distribution channels – Discuss the top channels, outlets, and formats to distribute your content based on your industry.

Let’s talk strategy. 

If we believe we can help you, our team will get in touch within 3-5 business days