In today’s episode of Unicorn Builders, we speak with Arik Shtilman, CEO and Co-Founder of Rapyd, a Fintech as a service platform that’s raised over $800 Million in funding, about why today’s global economy needs a new generation of payment solutions. Offering powerful fintech solutions to collect, hold and send funds across countries and between currencies with ease, Rapyd makes sure their customers have the time and resources available to focus on what matters most – building and growing their businesses.

We also speak about Arik’s CEO superpowers of staying hungry and getting deep into the details, advice for early founders to focus on building a brand and boosting awareness, Rapyd’s marketing strategies, and creating a new category with ‘fintech as a service.’

Topics Discussed:

  • Growing up in Israel, Arik’s background in the military and how it shaped his mindset as an entrepreneur
  • Founding an early-stage internet company and what it was like to witness the dot-com boom
  • Rapyd’s core offering and why it pays for growing companies to invest in financial infrastructure
  • Building a new category and what it means for customers getting to know your brand
  • Advice for new founders to limit fundraising outreach and invest early in building brand awareness to reduce sales friction

Are you building a category-defining B2B Company?