In today’s episode of Unicorn Builders, we speak with Barr Moses, Co-Founder & CEO of Monte Carlo, a data observability platform that’s raised over $230 Million in funding, about why quickly spotting problems in big commercial data can be the difference between a swift resolution or a costly correction later on. By providing data teams with the tools they need to keep up to date with what’s going on with their data, Monte Carlo gives them a headstart in resolving, and sometimes even preventing dangerous errors before they can cause major problems.

We also speak about Barr’s background in the Israeli military, the lessons she learned and brought forward to the world of business, why communication with potential clients was at the heart of the Monte Carlo strategy, how happy Barr is to see the data observability category establishing itself in the marketplace, and why her biggest business inspiration might just be her own Mother.

Topics Discussed:

  • Barr’s background in the Israeli military, and the lessons in analytics and dealing with challenges that she brought to the world of business
  • How Barr’s Mother became her business inspiration from a young age, and what she learned from watching her business journey
  • Why it can be easy to end up making content only for yourself, and how important it is to communicate with your potential clients to know what’s really going on
  • Why Monte Carlo’s focus is on getting as many customers as possible and making them as happy as they possibly can
  • Why Barr spends time on podcasts, at speaking events and writing blogs to share the concept behind his new business category
  • The data observability category and why Barr is so thrilled to see it establishing itself

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