As we covered in our previous article on the basics of what category design is and why it matters, category design is a strategy that many of the most successful companies in history have used to differentiate themselves, break through the noise, and transform their industry.

If you choose to pursue a category design-led strategy and are successful in your efforts, here are some of top the benefits you can expect to see over time:

8 Powerful Benefits of Category Design

Now, it’s important to remember you don’t see these benefits overnight. If you are going to pursue category design,  you must make a long term commitment to see the strategy through to the end.

Along the way, you will encounter those who doubt you and don’t “get it” right away. They will question why the category is needed and why the status quo must be changed. As a founder, you must persevere through these criticisms and doubters and use your conviction about the future to steamroll through them until your vision for your category becomes a reality and you reap the benefits described above.

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