We help blockchain companies

build trust and credibility.

There’s a lot of bullshit in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

These days, everyone seems to be “leveraging blockchain” and has a press release ready to tell you all about it.

And for the past few years, the blockchain-buzzword strategy has worked. Drop the word blockchain a few times into a press release, throw up a nice website, pay some advisors to use their pictures, and you were ready to go. All you had to do was sit back and watch the media coverage and investor money flow in.

But today, that strategy is dying — fast.

Blockchain is associated with bullshit and everyone knows it. Too many investors have been burned, too many customers have been failed, and too many journalists have been fooled.

The blockchain industry has a trust problem. And so does every company that operates in it.

The companies that are horrible businesses at best — and scams at worst — have taken the spotlight away from legitimate companies with practical use cases for blockchain.

To overcome this negative perception, legitimate blockchain companies must focus more than ever on building trust and credibility to separate themselves from the bad actors and all the noise they’ve created.

The goal shouldn’t be to get PR. That’s not enough. The goal must be to become a thought leader — a trusted, go-to resource that’s top-of-mind.

When it comes to helping blockchain companies break through the noise and establish trust and credibility, we’re the ones who do it best. And we’ve been doing it since 2014.

You may not know our name,
but you’ve likely come across our work:

We don’t believe in waiting for news. We believe in creating it.

We believe that to build trust and credibility, you need to be positioned as an industry educator and a resource.

And we believe that it is the responsibility of those in the space to drive the industry forward through mainstream education by creating a clear divide between practical blockchain companies and bullshit blockchain companies.

We know the blockchain industry. But more importantly, we know how to craft blockchain stories and make them relevant to media and journalists outside of crypto media.

We know how to translate the blockchain jargon and connect it to customers — and we know how to position you as an industry educator.

Our Expertise:

  • Building trust and credibility
  • Creating content that educates your target audience
  • Telling your story to mainstream media
  • Executing creative PR campaigns
  • Telling your story to industry media (outside of crypto)

Front Lines Media has been our media partner since practically day one. Four years ago, we put our trust in their process for establishing us as industry thought leaders and the results have been phenomenal. From VICE News to Anderson Cooper, we’ve appeared in hundreds of publications. But more importantly, their unconventional tactics and ideas have helped refine our message and establish a voice in a noisy industry.

CEO & FounderGenesis Mining

We believe in creating monopolies on conversations for our clients. If you want to be known for blockchain in real estate, our objective is to make you top-of-mind whenever those conversations happen. Because of this approach, we offer 100% exclusivity to clients in each vertical within blockchain. (For example, we will only work with one company that is using blockchain in real estate.)

Who We Work With

We know this industry and can see through hype. We are extremely selective in who we take on as a partner. We only take on those who solve a problem we believe in, have a solution we believe in, and most importantly, a team we believe in.

We work with companies who have a:

  • Practical use case that solves a real problem
  • Honest and transparent founding team
  • A clear go-to-market strategy


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