Bob Suh is the founder and CEO of OnCorps — an advanced AI solutions provider with more than $18 million in funding. Bob is an Applied Economist with a Masters from Harvard, an active angel investor, investing in 20+ enterprise startups over the past decade, and previously served as the Chief Technology Strategist at Accenture.  

Topics discussed:

  • Bob’s background and what he was doing before founding OnCorps 
  • What OnCorps does and the problem they solve for customers 
  • How OnCorp separates itself from all the marketing noise around AI 
  • Who OnCorps dream customer is and who they compete with today 
  • How Bob thinks about market categories 
  • How much traction OnCorps has seen since 2014 (Hint: it solves the word trillions)
  • What’s in store for the future of OnCorps

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