In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Brett Calhoun, Managing Director and General Partner at Scale VC, about why investing in extraordinary founders is front and center of their business model, and what they can bring to the table to give them a boost. With an industry-agnostic, idea-to-pre-seed stage funding focus, in everything across a broad spectrum of hardware and software innovations, Scale does what their name suggests, providing insights and guidance to get tomorrow’s business leaders where they need to be.

We also speak about Brett’s background in finance, valuation and venture capital, and the vision which would ultimately see him join Scale VC, the growing tech ecosystem in the American MidWest, the firms that Scale have already helped guide towards growth and success, and the criteria they look for in the partnerships of tomorrow

Topics Discussed:

  • Brett’s background across the world of finance, and the insights he brings to the table as the MD of Scale VC
  • What fascinated Brett about the venture capital space, and the portfolios he’s managed over the years
  • The importance of local partnerships and why Scale is building together with the University of Missouri
  • The MidWest’s growing tech ecosystem, spearheaded by a few companies and with more to surely follow
  • What Scale VC looks for in its ideal founder profile, and how to prepare a world-beating pitch

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