In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Casey Rosenthal, CEO of Verica, about his career in digital security, making a name for himself with the concept of chaos engineering, and how he eventually took those ideas mainstream with Verica, a continuous verification platform which helps people map the limitations of their existing software solutions and make contingencies for when things go wrong. An increasingly popular concept, ‘chaos engineering’ is essentially a toolkit to experiment with a system’s critical capacity, but a great tool doesn’t always make a perfect product, and Carey explains a little bit about how commercial viability can be an engineering challenge all of its own, why continuous verification is the final piece of the DevOps revolution, and why the biggest challenge for Verica is aligning disparate development cycles.

Topics Discussed:

  • Chaos engineering – what does it mean? Why is it so important and what impact can it have on an enterprise tech setup
  • Why more and more companies are seeking to add chaos engineering to their approach, and why it’s already popular in fintech
  • Why diversity is key for modern tech companies, driving better performance and ultimately more success
  • Continuous verification and the DevOps revolution – where does this new category stand in the story?
  • How harmonizing schedules between different departments can be a real challenge for a company looking to expand


Favorite book: 

What Works: Gender Equality by Design

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