In today’s episode, we’re doing something a little different from our usual founder interviews and we’re speaking with Brad LaPorte — a former Gartner and current go-to-market advisor for cybersecurity startups. In the interview, Brad gives us a behind-the-scenes look into how Gartner works and helps us understand the role analysts place in shaping market categories.

Topics discussed:

  • High-level overview of what Gartner is and how it works (Both from a vendor and buyer perspective).
  • What the perfect analyst relations program looks like for an early-stage VC-backed startup.
  • What founders should do if they feel they don’t fit into existing market categories.
  • What happens behind the scenes when Gartner creates a new category.
  • The most common mistakes founders make when it comes to analyst relations.
  • 3 pieces of advice for startups looking to engage analysts as they take their idea to market.

Are you building a category-defining B2B Company?