Chandler Malone, Founder of Bootup: $2 Million Raised to Solve the Tech Talent Crisis

Chandler Malone is a three-time entrepreneur who is now building Bootup, an educational and labor marketplace that has raised over $2 million in funding. Bootup solves the huge talent gap that exists in the tech industry. It is an educational labor marketplace that helps individuals get their first jobs in tech regardless of their background. 

Topics discussed:

  • About Chandler and his background
  • The problem being solved by Bootup
  • Inside the talent crisis in the tech industry and the possible solutions 
  • Market categories that are served by Bootup 
  • What an educational and labor marketplace is and how it will help individuals get jobs in the tech industry 
  • Traction Bootup has gotten since its launch in 2021
  • Future plans for Bootup

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