In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Chris Golec, CEO and Co-Founder of Channel99, a B2B marketing platform that’s raised $5 Million in funding, about why so few companies are really getting the most out of their customer engagement data, and what it could mean for their long-term business prospects. By measuring the performance of vendors and  channels driving customer engagement, Channel99 helps increase efficiency, lower customer acquisition costs, and more predictably boost their sales pipeline.

We also speak about Chris’ background in the software business, starting his first B2B company in 1996, being well ahead of the B2B curve, inefficiencies in the B2B marketplace, launching Channel99 with a free product first, and why, even in the age of online meetings, a physical office space still has its benefits.

Topics Discussed:

  • Chris’ background in software business stretching back to 1996, and what it was like to be ahead of the B2B game
  • Inherent inefficiencies in the B2B sector, and why most companies only sell to a fraction of the market they’re in
  • Why so many businesses lack critical insight into the ‘dark funnel’ driving significant parts of their sales growth
  • Why Chris thinks, even in the age of Zoom, a physical office space still has real benefits
  • Why Channel99 opted to launch a free product first, and how it’s already helping firms find better marketing insights

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