In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO of Hydrostor, an energy storage tech company that’s raised $322 Million in funding, about why storage is an essential part of the stability needed to support a rapid green transformation, and how Hydrostor’s innovative ‘air, rock and water batteries’ fit in. Cheaper and more resilient than other energy storage solutions, Hydrostor have demonstrated the value of their technology at ever larger scales, and look set to establish a leading market position in a global movement to better energy.

We also speak about how hard it can be to start your own business, how Curtis kept moving forward through tough times, the challenge of bringing a long-term vision to market during uncertain times, how we need to rethink our relationship with energy, and why, ultimately, Curtis sees hope in tomorrow’s energy transformation.

Topics Discussed:

  • Curtis’ road to CEO of Hydrostor, and the challenges of betting everything on starting your own business
  • The innovative technology and the heart of Hydrostor’s energy storage solution
  • Why a long term vision can be a challenging prospect to bring to a marketplace focused on short term returns
  • Why investing in truly game-changing technologies can be a real leap of faith to envision a different world
  • The future of the global green energy transition, and why every solution helps
  • The true scale of what it means to restructure our entire energy system in just a fraction of the time it took to build

Favorite book: 

Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment

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