David King Lassman, Founder of GigXR: $7 Million Raised to Bring Immersive Learning to Healthcare

David King Lassman is the Founder of GigXR, a global provider of immersive extended reality training solutions that aims to transform collaborative learning in healthcare education.

In this episode, David shares how he saw a big potential in the application of mixed reality in education, and the serendipitous moment when he was able to acquire immersive learning research assets from another company,  which led to the creation of GigXR. 

Topics Discussed:

  • David’s background as a serial entrepreneur in the ed tech space, and the origin story of GigXR
  • The current state of the mixed reality market
  • How solution providers can tap into the education space, and how GigXR was able to effectively market its value proposition 
  • Effects the pandemic has had on the healthcare industry, and how GigXR has learned to shift  their training operations for remote learning
  • Why David decided to focus on the application of extended reality in the healthcare market before expanding to other verticals
  • What excites David the most about the future of immersive training in  healthcare

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