In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Eduardo Silva, CEO of Calyptia, about the future of data observation in a fully automated economy, and why a surplus of information can create as many challenges as it solves. Calyptia’s mission is to simplify data observation and give decision-makers access to the most valuable insights possible, ultimately helping everyone do better business on a daily basis.

Eduardo explains a little about his journey in the data space, the process of transitioning from engineer to entrepreneur, community, connectivity, and collaboration in the open-source economy,  and the pros and cons of operating a remote company spread across several different countries.

Topics Discussed:

  • Learning and leading – Eduardo’s journey from an engineer to entrepreneur, and how commercial complexity added a new level of understanding to his technical skill set
  • Why observability is crucial to unlocking the power of data, and why so many companies miss the mark with their analysis
  • The digital logistics of collecting and analyzing data from so many different sources
  • How simplifying observation gives everyone access to the best possible decisions, and what it takes to get there.
  • Why the world is bigger than silicon valley, and the pros and cons of running a tech platform from Costa Rica

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