EP 12: Yardin Shaked, CEO, and Co-Founder at Varos: $4M Raised to Revolutionize Competitive Analytics and Break Data Silos

Yardin Shaked is the CEO and co-founder at Varos, a data analytics platform that recently raised $4M in funding. Varos has participated in YCombinator, so Yardin shares the experience and takeaways from that experience. Varo is carving out a new category, so Yardin shares some of the struggles and opportunities that come from that journey. 

Topics discussed:

  • About Yardin and his background 
  • The problem that Varos is looking to solve for the companies they serve 
  • How Varos incentivizes companies to share data with them 
  • Yardin’s experience participating in YCombinator 
  • Paving the competitive data analytics category through Varo 
  • Exciting opportunities in the future of data analytics

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