Jason Lavender is the CEO and Co-Founder at Electives, a corporate learning platform that recently raised over $10M in funding. Corporate trainings don’t have a reputation for being particularly exciting, but Electives is looking to change that. They are creating a platform full of rich trainings that can help corporate employees grow as people and professionals. On the show today, Jason shares how his platform will disrupt the category of corporate training. 


Topics discussed:

  • Jason’s background as an actuary and how he pivoted to entrepreneurship 
  • How Electives is helping to revolutionize the corporate training industry 
  • The types of companies being served by Electives 
  • Using Uber and Airbnb as models for category disruption 
  • Where the teachers get sourced for the platform 
  • The future vision of how Electives will improve the culture of corporate America

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