In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Nicolai Elmqvist, CEO of Arkyn, about how his enterprise software startup is making life easier for employees all over Europe and beyond, driving efficiency and reducing friction for some of the most important technology tools in the market today. The ability to gather, collate, process and interpret data has never been more important, and Arkyn promises to empower the people on the front line of business operations with the software interface that works for them.

Topics Discussed:

  • SAP, enterprise operations software and how Arkyn identified a gap in the market for front line staff
  • Why good data depends on a seamless software interface, and it all starts with input
  • How good data drives efficiency across all aspects of a modern business
  • Why Arkyn are sticking with iOS and developing the ideal tool for their chosen platform
  • Why getting a tech tool ready to run in just a few hours is central to Arkyn’s market strategy

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