In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Federico Larsen, CTO and Co-Founder of Copado, a DevOps platform for Salesforce that’s raised over $250 Million in funding. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Federico’s background, coming from Argentina and working on Latin America’s first Salesforce system integrator
  • How challenges of implementing complex processes gave rise to the inspiration for an automated solution, and, ultimately, Copado itself
  • How Copado rose from humble roots to service enterprise-scale customers, including Fortune1000 companies
  • Federico’s advice on fundraising, and the importance of choosing investors who align with the company’s goals and values
  • The key elements of building a business that every funder needs to get right, from building a cohesive team to encouraging collaboration, even among a distributed workforce

Favorite book: 

Conquest of Mind: Take Charge of Your Thoughts and Reshape Your Life Through Meditation

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