In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Kyle Harisson, General Partner at Contrary, an innovation-centered VC firm backing founders from seed to scale.

Topics Discussed:

  • Kyle’s career journey, from an entrepreneur in the creator marketplace economy to transitioning into the venture capital space
  • How Contrary identifies the inspirational founders of tomorrow, and what they look for in emerging innovation
  • Supplementing traditional approaches to venture capital with multidisciplinary research to really understand each company’s journey
  • How contrary articulates their values, and why marketing and brand identity are more important to VC firms than ever before
  • Kyle’s advice for founders confronting a challenging VC environment, and why funders need to stop being ‘afraid of their own shadow’

Favorite book: 

Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger, Expanded Third Edition

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