In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Shomik Gosh, Partner at Boldstart Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in backing founders from before they’ve even laid down their first line of code, about why being part of a startup journey from the very first step is such a rewarding experience. Providing insights and support for everything from concept creation to preparing a market-ready offering, Boldstart believes in giving every founder with a truly game-changing idea the best possible chance of making their difference.

We also spoke about the venture space’s focus shifting back to profitability, why pain points should still be the priority when developing a business model, how premature scaling can be a big risk for new businesses, and why, in Shomik’s mind, it’s always better not to get caught up in the marketplace hype.

Topics Discussed:

  • Shomik’s career in sales and trading, and why a fascination with the potential of technology pushed him to make the move to the Bay
  • Boldstart’s funding legacy and the funds they’re preparing for startups old and new in the space
  • The current state of venture investment, and why profitability is starting to take center stage again
  • What gets Shomik so excited about joining founders’ journeys, and why he loves to see people bringing new solutions to legacy problems
  • The risks for founders of getting too caught up in market hype, and why it’s always preferable to stay focused on real pain points
  • Why rejections are just a part of starting a business, but how real perseverance can really pay off

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