Gabor Balogh, CEO of Trucksters: $21 Million Raised to Build the Future of Long Haul Trucking

In today’s episode we speak to Gabor Balogh about his success with Trucksters, a multinational transportation and logistics service based on a revolutionary ‘ultra express’ model. It’s a difficult time for the transportation sector worldwide, but Truckster’s four key proposition points of speed, safety, visibility and robustness have ensured them a leading space in the European logistics marketplace.

Topics discussed:

  • The ‘ultra express’ transportation service cutting journey times by more than half
  • Trucksters’ relay system and the power of an integrated approach to problem solving
  • Why speed, safety, visibility and robustness are what matter most to freight and logistics customers
  • Transportation’s tendency to be traditional and the urgent need to reinvent the sector
  • Digitalisation in the future of distribution networks 

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