In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Gary Lewis, CEO of Resourcify, a digital waste management platform set to recalibrate our relationship with waste and help drive transformation across the economy towards a more sustainable future. Focusing on B2B solutions for major players, many of whom have become stagnant in an outdated waste-management model, Resourcify promises a more streamlined solution to sustainability, giving entrepreneurs and business leaders the power to make real changes with their waste.

With more than 150 million euros worth of waste currently under management, and the market on track to grow exponentially in the coming years, Resourcify sees itself as a potential market leader in the new industry of integrated waste management. Business is beautiful, especially when it saves the world.

Topics Discussed:

  • The challenges of recycling and waste management, why we’re well off track to achieve key sustainability goals
  • Why the waste management market in Europe is so different from the US, but why their future might be closer aligned
  • The state of the circular economy, why there’s no market leader, and how Resourcify plans to make a move for the position
  • Why big companies face very real challenges in terms of waste management solutions
  • Why the ‘reverse Amazon’ model makes sense, and how processing waste represents a major revenue stream in the modern economy
  • How the waste management industry became stagnant, and what’s needed to get it back in shape
  • The future of sustainability and how integrated technological solutions can help save the world


Favorite book: 

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