Gil Feig, CTO of Merge: $75 Million Raised to Help B2B Companies Build Customer-Facing Integrations via It’s Unified API Platform

In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Gil Feig, CTO of Merge, about how he started developing a unified API platform to help integrate competing software providers in a real-world business vertical. Forging ahead in a new market space is never easy, but Merge has found an irreplaceable role in the tech operations of many businesses by being proactive, pro-customer, and always putting value before everything. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Why the best start for any start up is to build on experience, and ensure value is built in from the ground up
  • How the challenges of integration across different companies created space for Merge in the market
  • Why a unified API is such an attractive prospect for modern businesses, and the hidden costs of poor integration
  • How being proactive helps Merge overcome a reliance on third-party platforms
  • Category extension and the critical importance of existing customer care, even at the cost of rapid expansion

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