Category Design

How to Create Your Category Playbook

Our Category Design Process follows five key steps.
This post will explore Step 4: How to Create Your Category Playbook

Now it’s time to build the definitive playbook that can help your customers understand everything there is to know about your category and most importantly — how it can help them. Your end deliverables here will be a long form ebook along with a collection of blog posts that explore the chapters of the ebook in more depth.

Think about this like you’re creating a bible for a new religion or a rulebook for a new sport. It should cover everything someone needs to know about your category. You are outlining the principles that make up the foundation of your new category, the benefits it can bring, and how the category will work.

Playbook Example: With our client Raydiant, we are working to create the in-location experience category. To support these efforts, we’ve created guides like the Essential Guide to In-Location Experience Management that makes the case for why the category should exist and educates their customers on how they can win with the category.

Category Playbook Questions 

Creating Your Hub and Spoke Content

With your questions answered, now it’s time to create content. Think about this like a hub and spoke. At the core, you have a long form ebook with many different chapters (the hub). Around the hub, you create blog content for each of the chapters that explores them more in depth. This helps you blanket the internet with useful resources.

Getting Yourself Ready to Write Epic Content

As you go through this process, don’t think of this as simply “creating some content.” You are investing in and building long-term assets that will help you market your new category and get people to understand what it means to them.

With your category playbook created, now it’s time for Step 5:
How to Evangelize Your New Market Category

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