Our Category Design Process follows five key steps.
This post will explore Step 3: Create Your Category Story

Now it’s time to write the story of your category.

The final deliverable here will be a piece of content you publish on your website, written under the CEO’s name, that serves as the foundation of your Category Design Strategy. Everyone that visits your website should be pushed to this page.

Every founder today knows the importance of having a good story. The story you build around your company is what gets investors, talent, and customers bought in. So as you can imagine, when it comes to creating a category, the story you craft and tell is mission critical. Your story should be clear, simple, and easily repeatable, because you will want to have every person in your company trained on how to tell it. Then you want to get your customers talking about it.

Category Story Brainstorm 

Category Story Template

Now, write your category story here. Aim to keep this at less than 500 words.

With your category story written now it’s time for Step 4:
How to Create Your Category Playbook

Are you building a category-defining B2B Company?