Category Design

How to Name Your New Market Category

Our Category Design Process follows five key steps.
This post will explore Step 2: How to Name Your Category 

With your problem clearly defined, now it’s time to give your category a name.

When your customers hear the category name, they should instantly understand exactly what it does and what it means to them. If they hear the term and they have no idea what problem it solves and why they should care, your category design efforts will likely fail.

As you work to come up with a name, it’s critical to keep in mind that your category name must be something that others can eventually use. It can’t be something that is so specific to your brand name that no one else will ever be able to use it.

Category names can also evolve and change overtime — even if your term isn’t the one that ends up being commonly used, as long as your company is associated with solving the problem, that can be enough to establish your position as the leader. Categories can be an end point or it can be something you evolve out of after you’ve won your new category.

How to Think About Category Naming

When it comes to creating your category name, you should think about it at three levels: community, discipline, platform.

Category Name Brainstorm 

With your category named, now it’s time for Step 3:
Create Your Category Story

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