In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Ibrahim, CEO of Neo.Tax, about the future of everyone’s least favorite aspect of doing business, and why it just makes sense for computers to take care of the number crunching. Positioning themselves as more than just a solution for tax challenges, but an optimization tool to make sure every enterprise works within the tax framework that best suits their needs and structure.

Ibrahim explains a little about why automation has been so slow to penetrate the world of accounting and taxes, but why a labor shortage in the sector now likely makes it inevitable, why political deadlock can have real-world impacts across all industries when regulations are hamstrung by infighting, and how Neo.Tax is working on a winning strategy to level the playing field, and drive business to a better relationship with tax

Topics Discussed:

  • Ibrahim’s first-hand experience with tax challenges and why he decided to build-out the solution himself.
  • Why tax optimization is about so much more than just filing, and how every business could benefit from an automated accountant
  • Why politics causes problems for entrepreneurs when it affects how regulations are drafted and introduced
  • How a few well-trained engineers can work out a way through all the complexity built into hundreds of years of tax policy
  • The aging industry of accounting, and why a labor shortage might be about to supercharge the drive towards automation 
  • Why computers taking care of the numbers might actually be a boon to accountants’ careers, and why there’s so much space for new skills to be introduced
  • How tax automation outmaneuvers the competition by being more than just a filing system, and why good taxes can become a real revenue boost

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