In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Ivan Maryasin, CEO of Monite, an automated finance management platform that’s raised over $6 Million in funding, about why it just makes sense to automate the way you manage your money, and how Monite’s plug-in solution promises a seamless translation to more effective financial management for SMEs in the SaaS sector and beyond. Listening to their potential customers and letting the market demand shape the ‘lego bricks’ of Monite’s software solutions has helped this niche-market business hyper target suitable partners and set the stage for large scale expansion in the future.

We also spoke about why dreaming big brought Ivan to the world of business, and how he feels its the most effective way to make a genuine impact, how actions are more likely to define your company culture than whatever plans you write on a whiteboard, and why letting the market lead you can be a lucrative approach to developing software solutions. Innovation is never easy, especially when you need to spend time and resources educating your customers, but succeed and you might just redefine good business sense.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why Ivan came to Silicon Valley, but why the European market is much more accessible for migrant workers
  • How poor financial management can really cost you, but why most people are unaware of the impact it has on their business
  • Why plug-in functionality and integration with existing software was an essential component of Monite’s software development process
  • How Monite let the market lead them to a solution their customers were already demanding
  • The challenges of innovating in a new market space, and why education is critical to driving demand
  • Why everything you do is a ‘touch point’ with your reality, and how every choice you make manifests the world you want to live in

Favorite book: 

What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture

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