Jaclyn Chen, CEO of Benepass: $14 Million Raised to Build the Future of Employee Benefits Management

In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Jaclyn Chen, CEO of Benepass, about how her journey towards becoming a ‘giver’ led her to establish an exciting new Employee Benefits Platform, empowering people with the choices they need to make real wellbeing a reality. A simple, intuitive tool with no gimmicks or hidden costs, Benepass helps companies reimagine how they take care of their people, providing a flexible and accountable way for people to get the benefits which make the most difference in their lives. Whether your well-being comes from hitting the gym, joining a meditation class or just having someone to take care of your chores while you work, Benepass offers a one-stop solution with tailor-made choices, without any additional administrative burden on the company.

Topics Discussed:

  • The power of ‘giving’ in the marketplace of ideas, and how prioritizing consumer needs helped drive the birth of Benepass
  • Why wellbeing means different things to different people, and how companies are starting to give them the right to choose
  • How a cheap, simple contribution can make a big difference in people’s mindset – show them you care with a tailor-made gesture
  • The pandemic, the at in Ukraine, and a what ‘wellness’ means is always changing with the times
  • Why Benepass is driving a mindset change in the HR industry, and letting personal choice be the bedrock of how businesses operate
  • Why Benepass targeted the mid-sized business market, and how the next few years look set to be critical for ongoing growth and expansion

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