In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Jeff Crusey, a venture investor with a special interest in the world of deep tech innovation, about why investing in a startup should be about much more than just cutting a check with an eye to future returns. With years of experience in aerospace, climate and energy transition, cybersecurity and deep tech, Jeff brings credibility and critical insight to any venture he gets involved in, supporting new founders to flourish as they transform the future of technology.

We also speak about exactly what drives Jeff’s passion for venture investing, why it’s a promising time for many deep tech adjacent sectors, why Jeff is determined to bring more to an investment than just taking up space on the board, and his key tactical insights for those looking to secure startup investment.

Topics Discussed:

  • How the deep tech space is driving the future of innovation, in everything from aerospace and defense to the green energy transition
  • Why a world of geopolitical turmoil means a lot of opportunity for innovative tech startups, but why that doesn’t always mean building bombs
  • The potential for state-startup collaboration and why the long established stigma against government might be starting to shift
  • Why investing should mean much more than just cutting a check or taking up a seat on the board
  • The challenge of accurate valuations for truly transformative tech companies, and potential workarounds
  • Tactical insights for tech startups looking to secure investment, from extending more than a six-month runway to keeping your strong teams together no matter what

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