In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Jordan Gal, CEO of Rally, a checkout payments platform that’s raised more than $6 Million in funding, about why he places so much importance on this final step of the customer journey, and why he believes that a hyper-focused startup can build a better experience for everyone involved. Rally’s mission is to optimize the checkout for buyers and sellers alike, facilitating easier transactions, increased flexibility, and a whole range of personalization options. 

We also spoke about Israel being the ideal startup incubator, the importance of Jordan’s experience as the son of immigrant entrepreneurs, and why he loves the challenges of driving new solutions with startups. He explained why the online checkout has taken so long to move forward,  and why Rally promises a solution to the divergent needs of large and small merchants through a single platform. 

Topics Discussed:

  • How being the son of immigrants helped Jordan understand the reality of starting a successful business
  • Why Israel is such a hotbed of startup success, and what other countries might learn from its example
  • Why Rally focuses exclusively on the checkout as a pinch point for the eCommerce space, and what Jordan thinks they can bring to the
  • How people perceive the divide between bootstrap and venture capital entrepreneurship, and why Jordan rejects the ideological puritanism
  • The different needs of merchants at different scales, and how Rally plans to help them all
  • Why Rally’s future involves everything from some eCommerce giants to launching their own crypto token

Favorite Book:

John Adams

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