Jorge Penalva, CEO of Lang.ai: $40 Million+ Raised to Build the Customer Experience Operations Category

In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Jorge Penalva, CEO of Lang.ai, about his lifelong love of technology, formative experiences in the sector with a social media analytics company, and his journey towards eventually founding Lang.ai. Like all the best ideas, Lang.ai started with recognition of a problem – the huge data pools of underutilized data most companies have about their customers, but insufficient human capacity to really get the most out of it.

By aggregating millions of customer responses, understanding and operationalising the response of a small company to their customers, Lang.ai is providing an accessible tool for making important business decisions to people without a direct background in engineering or software design. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Jorge’s love of language, an early fascination with the intersection 
  • where language and mathematics meetThe data pool problem for modern enterprises and how machine learning can help us streamline, speed up and focus our analysis
  • Why reaching decision makers is the most important part of any sales strategy, and why in a post-pandemic economy this has become significantly more challenging.
  • How Lang.ai managed to break through the background noise with a customer-focused integration promise to get everyone up to speed in just a few weeks
  • Why Lang.ai isn’t worried about creating new categories at this stage and is happy enough to be a market disruptor
  • How working with visionaries in your space and across different sectors really helps drive innovation
  • Why the optimal Cx journey these days is built on effective data analysis

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