Kacper Nowicki is the Co-founder and CEO of Nomagic, an AI and robotics  fulfillment automation company providing smart pick-and-place robotic systems for e-commerce and retail warehouses. 

With Kacper and his team’s expertise in robotics, cloud and deep learning, combined with their experience in logistics, Nomagic is able to help e-Commerce and retail operators build their fulfillment systems to the highest level of  automation.  

Topics Discussed:

  • Kacper’s experience as an entrepreneur at the height of the dotcom boom and rapid tech growth in Silicon Valley, all through to the dotcom bust
  • Lessons Kacper learned from his time working at Google
  • Overview of Nomagic and the full scope of automation services it offers to retail and e-commerce operators
  • Nomagic’s current customer base  and their target customers
  • Strategies Nomagic has employed to build customer trust
  • Kapcer’s take on the media narrative of the human workforce being replaced by robots
  • How statistics supports  the need for automation in the workforce
  • The market category that Nomagic falls within and how they are keeping up with service providers  within the same category
  • Biggest challenges Kacper has seen in bringing robotics and automation technology to market and getting the mainstream market to adopt the technology
  • Kacper’s three year vision for Nomagic

Favorite book: 

Sam Walton: Made In America

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