In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Laura McGee, CEO Diversio, a diversity, inclusivity and equity platform that’s raised $6 Million in funding, about why she believes data holds the key to realizing a genuine diversity agenda and building a better business environment for everyone, regardless of their background. It’s common knowledge today that a more inclusive workforce leads to improved business outcomes, but not many companies out there have really shown themselves able of fulfilling loft commitments made to shareholders and ethics boards. By combining comprehensive experience insights, pain point identification and practical recommendations for action to address problems, Diversio promises a new way of approaching the diversity agenda for the entire business community.

We also speak about Laura’s work in the female entrepreneurship space, how Diversio developed its unique inclusivity metrics, why their systematic problem-solving approach has been a big hit with their growing customer base, and how a scrappy bootstrap start without much capital helped them develop a market-leading product which would propel them to strong growth.

Topics Discussed:

  • Laura’s passion for the DEI agenda, both working with Diversio and in her capacity as an expert on womens’ entrepreneurship
  • Why companies’ ability to achieve genuine inclusivity is still lagging behind their commitments, and why that needs to change
  • How Diversio’s systematic approach, from gathering insights to offering recommendations, is defining the corporate inclusivity agenda
  • How a bootstrap start for Diversio ultimately helped them develop a market-leading product and provided the impetus to get things right first time
  • Why Laura is happy to see a proliferation of startups in the diversity and inclusion space, but why she feels Diversio still manages to set itself apart
  • The current state of diversity across the business board, and why Laura believes we all have a reason to be optimistic

Favorite book: 

The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success

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