In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Mark DeSantis, CEO of Bloomfield, a Pittsburgh based AgTech startup that’s raised $8.5 Million in funding, about why visual plant-level health and performance assessments are fundamental to specialty crop farming. No matter how well trained and highly motivated, visual crop assessment is subjective, but Bloomfield’s automated analysis provides objective, precise and comprehensive data about every plant, continuously.

We also speak about Mark’s background as an entrepreneur and his journey into the ag-tech space, the power of AI and innovative imaging technology in the assessment and management of speciality crops, how data-driven innovation can address the challenges of feeding a growing population, and the future of AI in the agricultural economy more generally.

Topics Discussed:

  • Mark DeSantis’ entrepreneurial background and what brought him to the ag-tech business
  • The wide application of AI technology and automation across critical components of the agriculture sector
  • Individual monitoring and assessment of speciality crops as a game-changer for the industry
  • The looming challenge of feeding a growing global population, and the role of automated technologies in future food security
  • The future of AI in the agriculture sector more generally, and how Bloomfields is preparing to position themselves as leaders in the space

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