Nicholas Freund is the Founder and CEO of Workstream, a technology startup helping data teams effectively manage critical data assets. Workstream’s mission is to empower teams to make better decisions with the use of its data knowledge management platform that allows them to bring together disparate analytics assets across various systems.

Topics Discussed:

  • Insights and lessons Nic learned from working for Elon Musk at Tesla
  • Analytics and data management pain points  experienced by most teams and how Workstream helps consolidate all aspects of collaborating on and managing analytics
  • Workstream’s approach for identifying Jobs-To-Be-Done
  • Workstream’s go-to-market strategy 
  • How Workstream is owning the “data knowledge management” category
  • Techniques to create market demand for a new category
  • Biggest risk Nic and his team at Workstream has taken
  • Nic’s three-year vision for Workstream

Favorite book: 

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

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