In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Nick Clarke, the Founder & CEO of Greywing, about his experience in the world of maritime affairs, one of the most important but often invisible components of our modern economic system. Nick explained how a career in the maritime security space eventually led him to move away from anti-piracy protocols to found Greywing, a digital maritime operations platform helping to streamline critical supporting services for the world’s shipping industry. By driving digital adoption in an industry traditionally resistant to change, Greywing provides customers with the information they need to keep the global maritime logistics network moving, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Topics Discussed:

  • Building a business in the maritime space, and why so many big challenges provide so many big opportunities
  • The hidden network supporting our modern economy, and why maritime operations affects all of us
  • Why the shipping industry is particularly vulnerable to external shocks and the challenges of coordinating across multiple locations
  • Why forward planning presents such a challenge to the traditional shipping industry model
  • How Greywing successfully drives digital adoption in an industry known to be resistant to change

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