In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Olivia Bushe, CEO of FlowForma, about her journey from CMO to CEO, and why she’s proud to have broken not one, but two glass ceilings on her journey to the top. We also discuss the need for a business-orientated process automation tool at the enterprise scale, and why FlowForma’s no-code approach might just be the winning formula, providing critical services at an accessible price via a SaaS model.

It’s this approach which is helping FlowForma disrupt the market space, and driving them towards increasingly global expansion. Rising above the background noise as a business-native software solution and breaking dependency on dedicated IT teams to integrate crucial software, having established themselves as a presence in the market, the next few years look to be an exciting time indeed.

 Topics Discussed:

  • From CMO to CEO – why breaking glass ceilings is good for innovation and market development
  • Why more CMOs are likely to find their way into the top job in the future and how their skills make them ideal candidates for CEO
  • How FlowForma recognized the need for a business-orientated workflow product
  • The key criteria for new product features, and why ease of use is everything
  • Why the ‘no-code’ model is disrupting the process automation space
  • Why new ideas are always an uphill struggle, and why education has been a central part of Forma Flow’s market development strategy
  • Global expansion, a growing staff, and why FormaFlow is ready to increase its impact exponentially

Favorite book: 

The Qualified Sales Leader: Proven Lessons from a Five Time CRO

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