In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Paul Kim, CEO of Notifi, a Web3 communication infrastructure platform that’s raised over $12 Million in funding, about why mass adoption of this new phase in internet evolution is a phenomenal opportunity for startups, and how Notifi plans to be a central component of this worldwide phenomenon. By providing the best web2 user experience for web3 platforms, Notifi makes sure people get the information they need, from market trends to inbound transactions, without having to stay glued to their screens. 

We also spoke about how experience in some of the world’s largest tech companies provided a firm’s high-performance business culture to develop into newer ventures, the importance of integrating with reliable partners who can guarantee support when you need it, and the missing link in the current web3 framework. Paul explains why he believes mass adoption is inevitable, and that means that startups need to avoid the ideology and focus on accessible solutions that work ‘like magic,’ rather than being limited to the crypto-purist economy. 

Topics Discussed:

  • From multinational enterprise to energetic startups, how experience working with the big boys gave Paul valuable lessons for his own company
  • Why customer obsession is still absolutely critical, even in a technology-focused market
  • How Notifi field tested software solutions with hacker communities first, before engaging with major market players
  • Why web3 mass adoption is inevitable, and what businesses need to do to get involved
  • The current missing link in the web3 system, and how Notifi plans to plug the gap
  • Why Paul elected to sacrifice short-term adoption from crypto-purists to focus on the major market space of mass adoption

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