In today’s episode, we’re doing something a little different and will focus entirely on the topic of product-led growth with Dan Schoenbaum, Managing Partner at High Tide Advisors — an advisory firm that helps cybersecurity companies develop and execute high-growth go-to-market strategies. With over $5B in successful exits, IPO experience and many buy-side acquisitions, Dan’s battle-tested approach has been proven highly effective and impactful and we’re excited to share with you the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Topics discussed:

  • Dan’s journey from Paratrooper in the Israeli military to a technology executive. 
  • Why product-led growth is the ultimate go-to-market strategy. 
  • How to determine if product-led growth is right for you.
  • Why product-led growth is booming in industries like cybersecurity.
  • What founders commonly get wrong about product-led growth.
  • Dan’s #1 piece of advice for companies embracing a product-led growth strategy.

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