In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Raj De Datta, CEO and Co-founder of Bloomreach, an e-Commerce experience platform that’s raised $450 Million in funding, about why, in a world where we all live digitally, it’s time to bring the e-Commerce experience up to the standards we’d expect from traditional shopping. By providing personalized advertising to engage digital customers, and then a seamlessly integrated pathway to the products that caught their attention, Bloomreach is making e-commerce a more rewarding experience for everyone involved, and helping the brands behind it reach new levels of growth and engagement.

We also speak about what the post-financial crisis startup economy of 2009, why hard times can actually be a benefit in the long run, how years of trials and tribulations with Bloomreach taught Raj the central importance of perseverance, and how his singular vision on a more enjoyable experience of a digital world eventually carried Bloomreach to the top.

Topics Discussed:

  • The story of a startup cycle, Bloomreach’s trials and tribulations from a strong start to uncertainty and back again to the top
  • Why money is only one thing you need to  build a successful business, and easy access to capital is no guarantee of success
  • Why what leaders need more than anything is clarity of vision, but how Raj found catharsis in sharing his uncertainty during a difficult time
  • How Raj envisioned a digital shopping experience long before e-Commerce came to dominate the market
  • How Bloomreach’s cultural playbook puts strong teams at the heart of their business model
  • Why Raj wants to share his story to encourage other founders in the space, and why, for him, it’s always ‘day’

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