In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Rak Garg, Principal at Bain Capital Ventures, a $10 Billion venture capital firm, investing primarily in early-stage cybersecurity or artificial intelligence companies, about why investing in every stage of the developer cycle is building a more efficient software ecosystem for all of us. With verticals in everything from national security to climate change, Rak sees AI-enhanced software development as being crucial to a new generation of software solutions and the companies building them.

We also speak about Rak’s upbringing in the technology hotbed of the Bay Area, how his childhood passion led him to engineering education and a career across a wide range of software solutions, the current state of venture capital and the role it has in driving innovation, and why, for a venture capital firm, there are just never enough hours in the day.

Topics Discussed:

  • Growing up in the Bay area, surrounded by technology, and an earl fascination which led to engineering school
  • Rak’s career across a range of tech companies before finally arriving in the venture capital space
  • The current state of the venture space after a depressing year for capital, and why Rak is optimistic for the future
  • The ‘AI+Workflow’ systems create a whole new generation of software, and the startup companies leading the way forward.
  • Not all customers are deep in the technology world, and how technically-minded founders need to approach them in an accessible way
  • Why tech startups need a clear strategy for standing out from the competition and drawing the attention they need for early-stage growth

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