In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Ramiro Berrelleza, CEO of Okteto, a software development microservices platform that’s raised over $18million in funding, about how inefficiencies in software development cycles can undermine long-term business success, and why Okteto saw this challenge as an opportunity to carve out a new market category. By providing cloud-integrated development support services for engineering teams, helping them coordinate, collaborate and innovate remotely, Okteto helps make sure that their clients don’t fall behind the competition when it comes to the rate at which they can deploy their critical software solutions.

We also spoke about why Ramiro prefers to focus on teams, and doesn’t quite buy into the myth of the charismatic leader, the challenges of creating a new market category and the benefits of leading market once you’ve done so, and why storytelling is a critical skill for any founder, even those working in a tech-orientated market space. By driving a sense of urgency.

Topics Discussed:

  • A lifetime in tech, how computer games led Ramiro to cloud-integrated software solutions
  • Leaving Mexico to pursue a career in big tech and what ‘becoming Californian’ means for a Mexican migrant
  • How Okteto identified DevOps inefficiency as a critical challenge for contemporary businesses
  • Why Ramiro believes the key to strong businesses lies in building great teams, rather than relying on an individual founder
  • Why storytelling has become a mission critical skill for Ramiro, and all founders seeking to create a new market category
  • The challenge of carving a new space in a crowded market, but why the benefits of leading an industry are ultimately a worthwhile payoff

Favorite book: 

The Design Of Everyday Things 

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