In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Rob Leslie, CEO of Sedicii, about how security in cyberspace doesn’t always mean sacrificing privacy, and why we all need an alternative to sharing our vital data online. By pushing innovation in the field of verification technology, fragmenting critical data and deploying a range of customer-orientated solutions, Sedicii is on a mission to deliver a safer, more secure digital infrastructure for the economy of the future.

Rob Also shared his wisdom on the secrets of building an effective startup, the differences and similarities between working in Japan compared to the West, and why he really believes in the power of the technology his team are working on to change our relationship with privacy, and make sure that a sense of safety and a promise of security don’t have to be mutually exclusive

 Topics Discussed:

  • The challenge of ensuring security in an open marketplace without sacrificing sensitive data
  • Rob’s formative years in Japan and how they helped him learn about different ways of doing business
  • How a single bad experience led Rob to focus on verification and privacy as two key aspects of the cybersecurity movement
  • Why we shouldn’t need to share our sensitive data just to conduct a secure transaction
  • How fragmenting critical information across multiple secure sites can help prevent hacking
  • Why Sedicii is determined to build the ‘plumbing’ for a security-native digital future where privacy is guaranteed for all

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