In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Saket Saurabh, CEO of Nexla, a no-code data operations platform that’s raised over $15Million in funding, about why the limitations of our analytics are stifling the tremendous potential of the data we all generate. Working over several years to produce a market-ready solution to most people’s near total data illiteracy, Nexla is ready to expand their reach, offering a no-code, fully automated software package to ensure that anyone and everyone can get the most out of the 21st-century’s most valuable commercial commodity, data.

We also spoke about what it was like moving from India to Silicon Valley, what pushed Saket to make the change, and the magical innovation environment he encountered once he arrived. We discuss why the bay area remains one of the world’s most exciting tech startup hubs, and how standing out there needs more than just a well-built piece of software. To bring true innovation to the market means a campaign of awareness raising and education, letting people know that large-scale disruption is on the way, and this is where Saket spends most of his energy these days.

Topics Discussed:

  • A life transformed by technology – what brought Saket to Silicon Valley and how it profoundly affected his life
  • The perfect mix of openness and energy which make the bay area such an idea place to start a business
  • The power of networking, and why talking to people about their ideas always pays dividends in the long run
  • The limitations of data literacy among the general population, and how that negatively impacts the business climate
  • Why Nexla spent 3 years developing their specialized software solution, and why they’re now confident it’s time for mass adoption
  • How machine learning and systematic engineering approaches are a powerful problem solving combination

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