In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Sam Mallikarjunan, Co-Founder & CEO of OneScreen, an offline advertising platform that’s raised $10 Million in funding, about why in an oversaturated marketplace confronted with regulatory limits and suspicion from the public, it might be time to take advertising back into the physical world. Bridging the digital divide by providing their clients with real-time analytics about their physical advertising strategies, Onescreen helps to deliver the measurable metrics that marketers crave from traditional media that might have once been considered dead.

We also speak about Sam’s unique career trajectory, his years at HubSpot and the lessons he learned about what it takes to make it in the tech sector, how the pandemic provided the original impetus for OneScreen’s innovative strategy, and why taking the leap into the startup space might not be for everyone unless you’re ready to do a lot of independent learning

Topics Discussed:

  • How working in the cigar industry eventually brought Sam to a dynamic career in marketing
  • Sam’s time at HubSpot, from the unique job application strategy that got him in the door to the lessons he brought with him when he left
  • How the pandemic provided the impetus for a marketing innovation which would eventually become OneScreen
  • Why measurable indicators are the thing that modern marketers crave above all, and how OneScreen provides them from physical marketing strategies
  • Why, unless you’re ready to do a lot of independent learning, the startup adventure might not be for everyone
  • Why an oversaturated digital marketing space is limiting the ROI for targeted advertising, and what other options are available

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